Lunch & Learns

Every three weeks, the Program hosts a Lunch & Learn for RAs that focuses on developing the diverse professional competency each RA brings to and gains from their role(s) at the TI. All resources (and food!) are provided in-session.  See our Spring/Summer 2016 schedule below:

L&L #1: Introducing the Taylor Institute (TI) Research Assistant (RA) Program

June 21, 2016

This Lunch & Learn marks the official launch of the Program. Highlights include RA meet and greet, detailed outlines of Program initiatives and agendas, and an overview of the guiding potential of creating a professional competency plan

L&L #2: Mapping Out Your Development

July 12, 2016

RA development refers to the professional competency—knowledge, skills, or abilities that are transferable across academic and workplace contexts—that RAs will bring to and gain from their role. Participants will use this session to map out their knowledge, skills, and abilities in three areas: workplace, academics, and well-being. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops, notebooks, calendars, and/or agendas of choice to help their brainstorming.

L&L #3: Identifying Your Workplace Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

August 2, 2016

Participants will explore the knowledge, skills, and abilities they are gaining from their current RA role, determine areas of further development, and identify existing resources, training, and workshops available to them.

L&L #4: Understanding Your Academic Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

August 23, 2016

Participants will identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities they are gaining from their current academic programs, determine future topics of study, and consider communication and networking strategies to reach out to key experts in their fields or disciplines.

L&L #5: Promoting Your Well-Being

September 13, 2016

Participants will reflect on the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have gained from personal experiences to date, and recognize how their unique interests contribute to their professional and academic development.